Dez Bryant Struggled Mightily With A Hands Drill At Cowboys Camp

Associate Editor

Dez didn’t catch it.

The Dallas Cowboys put their receivers through a hands drill during the first day of training camp on Monday. It was pretty simple: catch footballs flying out of a jug machine. Well, for you or me, it’s probably a hard drill because those balls come out of the machine really fast and it’d be hard for most people to haul these projectiles in with any consistency.

But for someone like Dez Bryant, you’d assume that this drill would be pretty easy. In addition to being a pro, Bryant is usually good at hauling in passes – the last time he played a full season was 2015, and his drop percentage of 3.7 percent was nothing to scoff at.

Bryant looked like this was simple when he was facing the machine head-on, but for some reason he really struggled once he turned to the side and only got to use his hands to bring in passes. By my count, once he turned sideways, Bryant had the opportunity to catch nine balls and only grabbed four of them. Two of his catches also came after he seemed to lose grip of the pigskin for a fraction of a second and only used his fingertips to haul them in.

All joking aside, it’s the first day of training camp, so Bryant is almost definitely a little rusty. He also has a lot of time to get back into the swing of things, so he’ll probably be fine once the season starts, because he’s Dez Bryant and he is really good at catching footballs. However, if he has a bad case of the dropsies this season, know that he showed the preliminary signs of the worst thing that can happen to a receiver on the first day of camp.

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