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07.18.13 4 years ago 54 Comments

SB Nation remixed DeSean Jackson’s rap video to include footage of him derping on the field. That’ll do nicely.

— Rob Gronkowski nearly walked out of a TV interview when he was asked about Aaron Hernandez. That’s why, when interviewing Gronk, you have to stick to safe subjects, like when he’s going to get around to taking Tebow’s virginity.

— A “he’s just like us” story of Gronk taking the train to travel to NYC. The train is supposed to be for common man now? I don’t know about it. Train is too rich for my blood for NYC trips. I’m still in the Chinatown bus demographic. Bolt Bus if I’m lucky.

— Tiki Barber utters claim/attention grab that Eli Manning is better than Peyton. Peyton to respond that Ronde is better than Tiki.

— Billy Joe Tolliver emphasizes how much defensive coordinators will try to “bend the facemask” of Colin Kaepernick this season. It’s all part of the plan that if you talk enough like Gregg Williams then Jeff Fisher will probably give you a job.

— J.J, Watt shows off impressive vert with a 59.5-inch box jump. Think this needs immediate inclusion in PFT Commenter’s White History Month series.

— Jay Cutler spends his off-season watching “The Hills” and “Laguna Beach” reruns. Preferably smoking dolefully, wishing he could have crushed Kristin when she was younger.

— Brian Urlacher said he’s going to be pissed if the Bears win the Super Bowl this season. Don’t think he has a lot to worry about, but still a nice benefit if the Bears stumble into glory.

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