Divisional Playoff Live-Blogkkake: Knifey and the Not-Browns Versus LenWhale and the Not-Oilers – WHO YA GOT? (Now With Bonus Drinking Game!)

Ravens! Titans! Dierdorf! Gumbel! Defense! Power running! Two teams stolen from other cities! Neither of which you like! So why are we live-blogging it? Because you don’t want to be sober all day, do you? Play a drinking game if you must:

  • Ed Reed gets called a “ballhawk” – drink
  • Kerry Collins “gritty veteran” – drink
  • Christmas Ape shows up in the chat solely to root against Baltimore – drink
  • Joe Flacco throws it to someone besides Derrick Mason – drink
  • Announcer makes reference to Ray Lewis’s legal problems WITHOUT mentioning his faith in God – Start setting shit on fire, because the world is ending
  • Collins completes more passes to wide receivers than tight ends or running backs – world is ending
  • Announcing team provides insightful, witty, even slightly humorous commentary – world is ending
  • Meteor hits stadium, filling our atmosphere with debris and blotting out the sun – do a shot

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