Don’t Worry, Michael Vick Totally Has His Brother Under Control

11.07.12 5 years ago 25 Comments

In case you missed it – and if you did, shame on you – former Virginia Tech quarterback and classic Miami Dolphins free agent Marcus Vick was creating quite the stir on the Tweeters during the Philadelphia Eagles matchup with the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football. Amazingly known as the worse Vick brother, Marcus began the night with some random queries and butchered phrases before he spiraled into a rant about the safety of his brother, Michael Vick, behind Philly’s soft offensive line.

Among the gems that he mouth-farted to the Internet were:

And there were plenty more, including the revelation that he didn’t want his brother to have brain problems by the age of 45, which is absolutely a noble belief from one brother to another. The problem, of course, was that everyone who was reading the Tweets was wondering if Marcus is receiving treatment for his own brain problems.

But don’t worry, Eagles fans. Mike has this handled.

“That’s not me,” Vick said. “If it doesn’t come from me … I’m in the middle of a full-fledged game. I don’t know what’s being said. I don’t know what’s going on. But I definitely got it corrected. We definitely had a serious heart-to-heart conversation.” (Via CSN Philly)

It was serious enough that Marcus issued his own apology.

“I love my brother and it’s hard as hell to watch him taking all those shots, but I’m sorry if I offended anyone and definitely didn’t mean to put Mike in a tough spot. I’m not only watching as a fan, I’m watching as his blood.”

As to whether or not we’ll see Marcus speaking out, Michael said that we will “never see that again”, adding, “Trust me.” So we’re probably going to see it again this week.

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