How to draw Peyton Manning

10.04.13 4 years ago 44 Comments

I’ve spent a lot of my time drawing Peyton Manning in various forms. I can practically make a Peyton caricature in my sleep at this point. I figure I should share this knowledge with the world, as it’s not too hard.

You start with a circle for the basic head shape.

Manning 1

Then you draw the jaw, and add his facial features

Manning 2

Then, It’s time to draw the Forehead.

Manning 3

You know what? He has a bigger forehead than that.

Manning 4

Still, something seems off.

Manning 5

Close, but not quite there yet.

Manning 6

That’s better. But, looking at it, I think he’s not angry enough. Make him more angry.

Manning 7

Yeah, that’s our 4 time MVP. He hates you adequately now. The next step is to do the final linework.

Manning 8

And lastly, add color!

Manning 9

Now you can go draw your very own Peyton Manning! Try it out! You can do all kinds of variations!

Manning 10 Manning 11 Manning 12

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