Drew Brees’ Appetite is Whetted By New Orleans’ Racial Deliciousness

11.25.08 9 years ago 33 Comments

For those who didn’t charge off into the night midway through the broadcast intent on killing Tony Kornheiser for invoking Brett Favre’s name after every play, it was merciless offensive onslaught by the Saints, led by Drew Brees and Lance Moore. It was so overwhelming, in fact, even Jeremy Shockey showed flashes of competence. Meanwhile in the KSK live blog world, a furious maelstrom of cheese punnage broke out. The Saints obviously couldn’t get enough scoring, as they were still running trick plays up 20-plus points in the 4th quarter. Still, as bad a night as Aaron Rodgers and The Pack had, it certainly wasn’t as bad as this guy’s.

After the jump is the usual cavalcade of crowd oddities and video of Greg Jennings getting KTFO.

The Packer Pope may have had his way on Monday night at home against Minnesota earlier this year, but he didn’t count on running into Muhammad in the Big Easy.

The inappropriate behavior didn’t end with the sacreligious football figures, however, as Mike McCarthy performed an adroit reach-around on a referee on a challenge of a spot. No wonder he ended up winning it.

And, hey, we finally know what Tatanka and Papa Shango are up to: cheering on the Saints!

And some more assorted wackiness.

Wait a minute. That’s a lacrosse facemask, you asshole. You are awarded no points.

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