DRINKIN’ TIME! The 2011 KSK Offseason Preview

02.08.11 7 years ago 81 Comments

Perhaps you’re new to KSK this season, and you think that now that the Super Bowl is over, we merry pranksters fold up our tent and move back to Carnytown for spring and summer. WRONG! WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG.

As always, our motto at KSK is that football season may be over, BUT DICK JOKE SEASON IS ALL YEAR ROUND. We’re not going anywhere. Except for flubby, who’s going to a Buddhist temple for some much-needed spiritual lofting. We’re here all offseason. All horrible, miserable, terrible offseason. God, it’s just so shitty and abysmal I WANT TO KILL MYSELF AND LEAVE NO NOTE. Anyway, stick around in the coming months for…

-More Fun with Peter King!

-More Rex Ryan!

-More Thursday sex mailbag sexiness!

-The return of KSK mock drafts!

-The return of THIS WEEK IN FUCK YOU

-The return of KILL KILL KILL, in which we watch animals kill one another to satisfy our unending bloodlust.

-The possible end of Marvin and Ocho!

-Angry screeds against the owners if those fuckfaces lock the players out!

-More podcasts!

-More Sexy Friday!

-Drew whoring his second book!




And of course, the return of the sultry wild card that is KSK Off Topic. Who can forget last offseason, when that Latino man tried to touch my peepee?

Let’s face it. This site is barely about football as is. No matter what time of year, we’re just gonna keep on keepin’ on. So join us, won’t you? It’s gonna be a fingerblast.

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