Duke Wins National Title; Curse of Romo is Lifted

04.07.15 3 years ago 116 Comments

Both Wisconsin and Duke had an NFL starting quarterback who didn’t happen to attend their school rooting them on. Aaron Rodgers is from California and attended Cal but was rooting for the Badgers because… he doesn’t want to alienate Packers fans, I guess. Tony Romo, meanwhile, is actually from Wisconsin but was rooting for Duke. Perhaps playing for the Cowboys has made him sympathetic to bandwagon teams in other sports. Ultimately, allegiances are just odd like that.

Anyway, it’s not bad enough for the country that Duke prevailed; Tony Romo got to be there to see it and flash his big goofy grin when the Blue Devils secured their fifth national title. Worse still, it ruins our running joke that Tony Romo is a hex upon on all teams he supports. NOOOOO WE NEEDED THE CURSE OF ROMO. It’s bad enough we had to actually see the Cowboys in the playoffs last year.

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