EA Sports Has Some Play Calling Suggestions For The Seahawks

07.23.15 2 years ago 49 Comments
Marshawn Lynch

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The release date of the latest installment of the Madden franchise is about a month away, so EA Sports is working to drum up interest in the video game by unveiling player ratings. Earlier this week, the developer revealed that Marshawn Lynch has the highest overall rating among running backs with a 96. EA even went into the particulars, saying Lynch had 99 rating in stiff arms and a 98 in the trucking category.

(Unsaid but assumed that Marshawn has a 99 rating in selling the mid and a 0 in giving a f*ck about press conferences.)

Well, the Seahawks Twitter account for some reason took umbrage to their running back getting a slightly less than perfect rating for trucking defenders. In doing so, they set themselves up for some old-fashioned Twitter brand ownage.

Oh ho ho! Remember that time the Seahawks should have run the ball in the Super Bowl? Love that memory.

Nevertheless, the Seahawks social media team tried to take it in stride. Good on ’em. Shake off that Twitter L and move on to the next post.

Don’t worry, folks. Actual football will be back at some point.

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