Eagles fans boo all of the injured Saints

01.05.14 4 years ago 15 Comments


Jacksonville Jaguars v Philadelphia Eagles

Welcome to a nother episode of “In My Opinion with PFT Commenter.” Im the ultimate fan and like this guy above Im already halfway through a quarter-dozen Mad Dogs so let me just stop you right there and point the door out to you if you care more about SPELLING then TELLING. If youve got time to use spellcheck then your just not giving takes from your gut and you’ve already lost me as a reader. Today Im want to talk about the best fans in all of sports, Phildelphia Eagles fans, and how, In My Opinion, they were correct to boo the Saints players who got injured in last nights game.

In the NFL, its a differents between being hurt and being injured, and Im sorry but you dont need a brain to play Cornerback against Desean Jackson. If anything, getting a concussion verse the Eagles should be considered a Performance Enhancing Drug when you consider that it literally puts you in the same mindset of Jason Avant on third down. Watch here how Saints CB Kenan Lewis cheats by bruising his brain, but he cant slip this one by the astute crowd at the Linc, who promptly reign down boos on him for trying to pull a fast one:

This happened 2 other times in the game including one where the Saints had the ball and were obviously preemptively trying to slow down the Eagles offense from even taking the field! Do these guys have no shame? Every other team besides the Eagles has already proved themselves as the boy who cried wolf blitzers folks, but the Eagles fans wont have the wool pulled over there eyes any longer.

Now alot of people are pointing out that Coach Kellys hi-octane college spread fast-paced no-huddle pistol zone-read gimmick trick-gadget playbook is to fast for NFL defenses, and thats why defenses are pretending to have spinal injurys in order to slow it down. Thats a valid concern and I empathize with the pain Eagles fans must feel watching a opposing player cheat by getting hurt. But the NFL is a results-league and last night he looked more like a “Chip off the Old Ball Coach*” then a innovator. When your coach is struggling like that, you NEED a spark, and I fully want to publically congratulate and acknowledge Eagles fans for their efforts to get momentum back on their side, they get a bad wrap in the media, but last night they were all class, In My Opinon.

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