Early Draft Winner: The Virginia DMV

04.09.12 5 years ago 15 Comments

A couple weeks back, the Internet made HARFs at the Redskins fan who had already gotten an RGIII vanity plate for his car. My biggest gripe wasn’t so much that it was purchased too soon but that RG32DC is a bad way to go about, not only because the eye initially reads the two numbers together as RG 32. We’re a few generations away from him. Even if interpreted correctly, the message only works up until the draft, as once he’s drafted, he’s “in” D.C. so it’s stupid for you to be driving around asking RGIII to go a place that he already is.

Yes, I know. “I can’t believe a vanity plate was a poor decision.” I hear you. Besides, it was just a lone eccentric and the laws of journalism dictate that you need at least three examples before you can make a big deal of a phenomenon and pitch it as a trend story. But now multiple ‘Skins fans have RGIII plates, so it is officially a thing. Can anything damper the Redskins fans torrid love affair with their presumptive first-round pick? As their relationship matures, will they think of other ways to show their love than vanity plates and unlicensed mall shirts?

The more I see these, the more tantalizing the possibility that the Colts take RGIII, leavings thousands of ‘Skins fans irate about getting Andrew Luck. Plus Colts fans would be confused as frightened by a black quarterback. But Jim Irsay had to go and make a bunch of stupid smokescreen Twitter riddles and ruin the fun. So I guess it’s best to just put up with ‘Skins fan unbridled enthusiasm for now, knowing full well that that tree only bears butthurt fruit.

A Maryland one, courtesy of one of the dozen or so Montgomery County residents who haven’t switching to rooting for the Ravens in the past decade.

[Pics via D.C. Sports Bog]

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