Early game open thread: Music aficionado Tom Brady also digs ‘juzz’

12.05.10 7 years ago 118 Comments

Clockwise from top left: bluesman, not a bluesman, bluesman, not a bluesman.

In a recent interview, Tom Brady addressed his maligned decision to endorse Ugg boots. The Patriots quarterback chafed at the notion that he should be compartmentalized as a mere jock. Brady cited his chillbro Justin Timberlake (who he watches Entourage with) as an example of someone who, like Brady, defies being pigeonholed. I know next to nothing about style or fashion (shocker, I know), so my suspicion that Brady is a glorified Al Bundy shilling lady shoes may be completely wrong. But if Brady’s judgment in selecting endorsement deals is as questionable as his taste in music, then maybe not. Sez Brady:

“But my point is that I’m branching out—because I’m not just a football player, you know, any more than Bruce Willis is just an actor. He’s a bluesman. He loves vodka. He’s a PERSON, okay. And people have interests, and some of us have brands, and those brands need cultivating the same as any other person’s brand does.”

At first I thought, when Brady used the word “bluesman” he meant that Bruce Willis cheers for the St. Louis NHL team or maybe he’s starring in a Blue Man Group biopic. But upon several readings and conferring with others, I can only conclude Brady is, in fact, referring to the American musical art form. At this point, Brady is either completely clueless or has raised trolling to a science.

Here’s your bluesman:

There are a couple of good prime time match-ups this week, but the day games are a mundane bunch. Here’s the early slate, rated on the Infallible Four Star Scale:

JAC @ TEN **
WAS @ NYG **
CHI @ DET **
NO @ CIN **
SF @ GB **
DEN @ KC **
CLE @ MIA **

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