Even Honey Badgers Get Bullied By Darnell Dockett

12.04.13 4 years ago 17 Comments

Arizona Cardinal Darnell Dockett has made a name for himself in the social media world for not really giving a flying eff about normal social conventions, and this afternoon he decided to bully rookie Tyrann Mathieu for the unspeakable crime of taking a nap. (Imagine the three crying face Emoji are still in Dockett’s Tweet, since WordPress kicked them out. Adds to the beauty of his comment.)

Any other year and we’d have a chuckle and say, “Oh, those rapscallions. Powder on his head. Cute. Poor rook had it coming to him.” But this year in the the wake of Incognito and the toxic Miami Dolphins locker room, one looks at the photo and thinks, “Jesus, poor guy is probably exhausted from what is a terribly physical and dangerous job. Who wouldn’t need a nap? If I spent hours each day looking at tape, hours training, hours practicing, hours rehabbing, I’d need a nap too. You need to let the mind and body recuperate. Christ, I’d need like five naps, to get through his day. I napped an hour ago for 20 minutes and all I do is post jokes on an football blog, all because I woke up two hours earlier. Who hates naps? Effing Dockett, what a jackass.”

Or at least that’s how some writers saw Dockett’s Tweet.

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