Everything’s Bigger In Texas

06.24.11 6 years ago 2 Comments


We have a little bit of football on this football podcast today.

Brad Jackson from the free-market podcast “Coffee & Markets” drops in; the UT alum gives his takes on Vince Young and Colt “45” McCoy. Brad became a Titans fan when Vince Young was drafted by Tennessee, which sounds a little crazy to me but what do I know; I root (read:loathe) the Bengals. And then the free-market fun times continue with Katelynn, who is commissioner of one of the 15 fantasy football leagues I’ll be playing in this fall. Yes, there will be football this fall. Let’s all just chill the eff out.

And there are some jokes about non-consentual coitus that some of you may not appreciate.





You can stream the podcast on that thingy above, download the MP3, and/or subscribe on iTunes and leave a comment. The first five minutes are the toughest.

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