Eww Dat

12.27.10 7 years ago 22 Comments

The NFL on Sunday debuted its annual commercial to build hype for the playoffs. While admirable in concept – the ad features a quick montage of YouTube clips of Saints fans celebrating Tracy Porter’s decisive pick-six of Fetushead Von Alwayschokes in last year’s Super Bowl – the spot closes on the disquieting image of a small Saints fan (possibly a child) leaping gleefully into the thrusting hips of a Ignatius Reilly-esque behemoth ironically clad in a Reggie Bush jersey.

If wildly size diverse couples, same-sex or not, wish to gyrate suggestively in elation following a monumental play, that’s their business, but we’d prefer the image of which not being foisted on the masses during each commercial break, which means potentially twice per kickoff.

On that note, please have at your teeming stocking of Manningface (Elisha edition) following the jump.

And yes, we plan to live blog the games both Monday and Tuesday nights.

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