FCC May End NFL Blackout Rule

11.03.13 4 years ago 3 Comments


The NFL’s strange and somewhat archaic TV rules are maddening but may soon be getting a much-need tweaking. Soon, local blackouts may be a thing of the past, thanks to action being prepared by the FCC. It seems that, unlike the NFL, the FCC thinks that tough economic times and expensive tickets make for pretty good reasons for airing games in local markets even if they don’t sell out. Fans have enough issues as it is, so why prevent them from seeing their own team? (Note: this does not apply to Jaguars fans because they suffer enough for being Jaguars fans.) The NFL hasn’t had to blackout a game yet in 2013 and has bent over backwards to allow teams to sell tickets for cheap so as to avoid blackouts, but, ya know, still gotta make it rain, y’all.

For now, though, the possibility of that Week 15 Bills-Jags match up remains in danger of blackout because gub’mint!


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