No More Fightin’ Munchaks: Titans Fire Head Coach

01.04.14 4 years ago 10 Comments


Following a three-year stint as Titans head coach during which the team never made the playoffs and went 2-20 against teams that finished with a winning record, Mike Munchak is dunzo. After he survived Black Monday, there was some thought that Munchak might survive another season with changes to his staff. But nope, sorry, another coach will experience the joy of coaching Jake Locker next season.

Munchak’s ascent to head coach was amusing on its own. He only spent 48 hours preparing for his interview for the job then knocked the socks off ownership by proposing things like making his players wear sports jackets on road trips. You know, the kind of pointless professionalism that doesn’t help you on the field but really impresses old rich white guys.

Also worth noting that each of the three teams that lost at home to the Jaguars this season ended up firing their coach. Can’t say I blame them. Certainly a firing offense.

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