Final Preseason Games for 2014: Open Thread

08.28.14 3 years ago 568 Comments

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In perfect NFL logic, the last round of preseason games pretty much all start at the exact same time save for a few west coast games and a weirdly scheduled 6pm kickoff for Atlanta-Jacksonville. So everyone from the ATL can all drive home in the same evening? Perhaps, but probably not since that fan base might still all be hungover from the Georgia State win last night. (Dammit, we really need a sarcasm font around here.)

Falcons – Jags 6 ET/ 3 PT
Kansas City – Green Bay 7 ET / 4 PT
Colts – Bengals 7 ET / 4 PT
Rams – Dolphins 7 ET / 4 PT
Jets – Eagles 7 ET / 4 PT
Lions – Bills 7 ET / 4 PT
Panthers-Steelers 7:30 ET / 4:30 PT
Washington – Bucs 7:30 ET / 4:30 PT
Vikings – Titans 8 ET / 5 PT
Ravens – Saints 8 ET / 5 PT
Broncos – Dallas 8 ET / 5 PT
Bears – Browns 8 ET / 5 PT
Niners – Texans 8 ET / 5 PT
Seahawks – Raiders 10 ET / 7 PT
Cards – Chargers 10 ET / 7 PT

As usual, we won’t see much of the starters as everyone plays the “don’t get hurt, don’t get hurt, please for the love of god don’t get hurt DID YOU SEE WHAT THE TURF DID TO SAM BRADFORD” game while bubble players are eaten alive aiming for their last shot of making the team. So no DeMarcus Ware facing his old team in Broncos-Cowboys, more Blake Bortles as Chad Henne was named the starter this week in Jacksonville, and in a fun note, Derek Carr gets the start for the Raiders. Shame about Bortles, hope we get see him sooner rather than later in the league because he has very quietly had a great preseason, as has Zach Mettenberger for the Titans.

And of course, Johnny Clipboard will start in the Cleve. I’d love for him to make such a good impression he outs Hoyer for the Week 1 start, but only because I’m over-confident who likes imagines Carnell Lake, Joey Porter will tear off their coaching uniforms and take the field.

Enjoy the easy night, kids. The games count from now until February.

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