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No promises on Katy Perry

Please join us tomorrow at 11 a.m. 3 p.m. EST for a live Q&A with New York Giants second-year cornerback Prince Amukamara. If you’re unfamiliar with the live Q&A format that Uproxx uses, take a gander at the session that the Uproxx flagship page recently had with Jim O’Heir, the actor who plays Jerry on “Parks and Recreation.”

The first-round pick of the Giants in 2011, Amukamara missed the first half of his rookie season with a broken left foot. He returned to the team in November and eventually helped New York to its second Super Bowl title in five years. During the preseason this year, Amukamara suffered a high ankle sprain that caused him to miss the team’s first two regular season games. He made his season debut last Thursday in the Giants’ win in Carolina. You might also recall that Amukamara was the victim of a rather notorious dunk in the cold tub by teammate Jason Pierre-Paul that caused the heads of a bunch of media scolds to asplode.

I’m told Prince will be joining us for roughly 45 minutes. So be back here tomorrow morning with your questions. Or, y’know, continue to visit KSK for the Monday Night Football live blog this evening.

— Broncos head coach John Fox and defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio were fined $30,000 and $25,000 respectively for being meanie faces to the scab refs during Denver’s loss to Atlanta last week. Ooh, that means Grumblelord is aiming to get a James Harrison-type of Ginger Hammering.

Said RGIII: “The one thing I won’t do personally is quit or play scared. I’ve never played scared in my life, so it doesn’t matter how many times I get hit. I’m going to continue to get back up. Even if they have to cart me off the field, I’m going to get off that cart and walk away.” BUT OF COURSE, HE HAS THE SUPERHUMAN MIGHT OF EVOSHIELD PROTECTING HIM!

— Speaking of people on carts, Raiders receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey was released from the hospital after an overnight stay necessitated by a face mashing by Steelers safety Ryan Mundy (Monday, if you’re Jim Nantz). DHB suffered a concussion and a neck strain, but is expected to make a full recovery.

— Jets linebacker Calvin Pace said the team had to “put out” Reggie Bush during Sunday’s game. That makes it sounds like a bounty thing, except defensive players are always trying to hurt the offense whether there’s bonus money on the line or not. Anyway, despite the injury, the new shockingly good Reggie Bush could still play next Sunday against the new shockingly good Arizona Cardinals.

— Austin Collie suffered a season-ending injury that had nothing to do with horrible concussions, which is progress, I suppose.

— This week in fan fights, courtesy of Busted Coverage: Bills fans versus Browns fans. Whoever wins, they still lose!

— And here are Redskins fans fighting amongst themselves. Someone must have said something nice about Dan Snyder.

— Andy Reid said that he continues to “evaluate” the quarterback position in Philly, which either undermining Michael Vick or cruelly stoking the hopes of white Eagles fans that Nick Foles will get snaps under center.

Only KSK relevant because of the Packers logo. And the boobs. And the clown make-up.

[Top pic via the AP]

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