For the Record: F–k you, NBC, for Hiring That Worthless Piece of S–t Matt Millen

01.05.09 9 years ago 52 Comments

Hey you NBC assholes, guess what?  You FUCKING SUCK.  Yes, we like Cris Collinsworth.   We tolerate Dan Patrick and Keith Olbermann together for nostalgia’s sake.  We hate everyone else that crowds your studio, and Madden has sucked at his job for the last decade, but we’ve never made a big deal about it until now.

Until THIS.

What in God’s name made you think THE WORST GENERAL MANAGER IN FOOTBALL HISTORY was a worthwhile commentator?   Fuck you.  Fuck you three more times.  FUCK YOU.  FUCK YOU.  FUCK YOU.

Get fucked and die.  I hope Millen spreads his seed of failure all over your network.  Have fun going out of business.  CBS can pick up “The Office” for all I care.

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