FOX Mercy-Rules The Redskins/Eagles Game

11.17.13 4 years ago 13 Comments


Well you have to admit the Eagles fans did there jobs and shut down RG3-7 folks. Fox made the call to switch to the Steelers-Lions game with about 7 minutes left in THE THIRD QUARTER of the Eagles/Redskins game. Robert Griffinterception was playing his standard game of sprinting around like Billy from Family Circus trying to get home from school, and then purposly not making eyecontact with Kirk Cousins aka Captain Kirk aka KC Masterpiece whose literally foaming at the mouth on the sidelines with his ears fully pinned back hoping to get a opportunity. The Eagles are the anti-Redskins, starting Foles and benching Vick and the egg isnt just on the Redskins bus, its on there faces folks.

Since it was the national game you cant even watch it on Sunday ticket on account of the leagues Blackout policy not to be confused with Justin Blackmons personal mission-statement. I’ve never seen Fox switch away from a game so early this isnt the Heidi game folks this is The Biggest Loser game and thank god Fox trimmed the fat on this one.  Play us off Cleatus lol what a hilarious robot who does football stuff for a TV show thing.


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