Geno Smith Posts The Only Perfect Passer Rating Of The Year

12.28.14 3 years ago 9 Comments


Today in “yeah, sure, why not, it’s Week 17 so who gives a fuck” news, Jets quarterback Geno Smith posted a perfect passer rating in the Jets 37-24 win over the Miami Dolphins. Smith was 20-25 for 358 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions, which earned a perfect rating of 158.3. This would be the only perfect passer rating by any quarterback this year, a bit surprising considering that Rodgers, Brady, and Manning all had stretches where they were absolutely lights out. Even Ryan Fitzpatrick’s stunning 6 touchdown performance against the Titans was only good for a 147.8 rating.

Of course, this is the Jets, so any good is probably a bad thing in disguise. In this case, with the 4-12 Jets not quite shitty enough for a shot at Mariota or Winston (unless the latter rapes a crab leg while screaming “fuck her right in the clam!” and McShay drops him three spots on his big board), they’ll probably talk themselves into one more year of Smith, which will bite them in the ass when they remember that Geno Smith is still Geno Smith, and one good game against a disinterested team with nothing to play for doesn’t really change that. Oh well, at least Rex got to go out on a good note.

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