Giants-Cowboys Second Half Live Blog

09.05.12 5 years ago 971 Comments

It’s a good thing I really missed football a lot, because it takes a lot of anticipation to go through that sloppy first half and still be excited about 30 more minutes of this. Both teams are showing rust, if you feel like describing it generously, or they already possess mid-season incompetence levels if you don’t.

Victor Cruz and Marty B spent the first half dropping third down passes. On the Cowboys side, Jason Garrett was deploying his inspired Princetonian playcalling, including a two-yard swing pass on a 3rd and 15 and a fullback dive on a 4th and 1. Tony Romo hit Michael Boley for the season’s first Romoception, but the Cowboys got the benefit of a replacement ref ignoring a pretty egregious hold in coverage by Orlando Scandrick on 3rd and goal, resulting in Rob Ryan yelling F*CK YEAH for the camera.

The Cowboys then played the part of blind squirrel, putting together the one successful extended scoring drive by either team of the half.

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