Good Fences Make Good Rivals

08.08.12 5 years ago 24 Comments

Just another scene of searing sublimated Midwestern contempt. Vikings and Packers fans probably shouldn’t be allowed to be neighbors, but these families are doubtless still grudgingly polite to one another. “Fetch your son’s frisbee? Ooh, it seems have have landed in a pile of my dog’s leavings. BAD LIL’ JAKE REED! I’d be glad to pick it up if you hand me your wife’s favorite dress to wrap around my hand.”

It’s a good thing these homes aren’t located in an area with a neighborhood commission because the color combination of purple, green and yellow wouldn’t be allowed to stand. I think there’s a way to rathet up the stakes here. For instance, for each victory, the fan of the winning team gets to paint one panel of the fence down toward the neighbor’s house. Of course, the Packers fan would then end up owning the Vikes fan house in a matter of time.

[via Reddit]

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