11.24.11 6 years ago 362 Comments

It’s Thanksgiving, which means it’s time for our annual post of the 1994 Plano East/John Tyler football game, still my favorite sports highlight of all time. Plano East trailed in this game 41-13 with just under three minutes to go. After that, IT’S DURN NEAR A HILLBILLY MIRACLE. I’m quite confident that there will never be another football game anywhere ever that ends like this one did. It still blows my skull.

And by all means, consider this your open thread for today’s games. Lions/Packers is first, followed by Cowboys/Dolphins, followed by Ravens/Niners tonight (DID YOU KNOW JOHN AND JIM HARBAUGH ARE BROTHERS AND THAT JACK HARBAUGH IS THEIR FATHER?!!??!!?). Happy Thanksgiving, men.

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