Good News, Browns: Josh McDaniels Doesn’t Want To Coach Your Team

01.08.14 4 years ago 32 Comments


On one hand, it’s plenty sad that the Browns WANTED Josh McDaniels to be their coach and he declined. On the other hand, whew. That was a close one, Cleveland. That would have been so depressing I’m not sure even I would have been able to laugh at the Browns if it happened.

Nice that McDaniels’ buddies are still talking him up to the media. “Yeah, Josh totally CRUSH SLAYED that interviewed. In fact, he only did it to show the franchise how easily a coach’s son can knock their socks off. Give them an idea of what they could have had. In the end, though, riding Tom Brady’s coattails is still a good look for now.”

Meanwhile, I’m putting all my hopes and dreams into this report being true:

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