Good Night, Sweet Prince, and Good Luck on the Waiver Wire

Yesterday, our Twitter feed blew up when dozens of concerned Bernard Berrian fans pointed out that the veteran Vikings receiver had been cut. Because Berrian is a vested veteran, the Vikings will have to pay him the remainder of the $1.9 million they owe him on his contract unless another team claims him off waivers.

Bernard Berrian is the 99%.

Note to Berrian's lawyers: this is a Photoshop meant to display your client's inability to catch passes.

This sad news comes less than three weeks after Berrian’s PR team at EAG Sports Management worked overtime to remove a satirical post about Berrian from this very site — a post that will soon be re-published, as God and the Constitution intended. Nevertheless, we at KSK wish the best for Berrian, especially given the libel that was published at Yahoo:

In his 2011 season, Berrian was targeted 23 times by Vikings quarterbacks, and he caught just seven passes. That 30 percent catch rate is the lowest in the 19-year history of Football Outsiders’ metrics, which track catch rate for primary and ancillary receivers and tight ends going back to 1993. Berrian had never had stickum hands before — he had gone above 59 percent catch rate in just one season before — but this season has been ridiculous.

I mean, those sort of negative facts have to be ILLEGAL, right? I hope that completely unfair media smear doesn’t hurt his image the way my fake tweets did.

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