Got Some Nacho On Your Arm, Rex Ryan

01.04.13 5 years ago 36 Comments

The New York Daily News got a little stalkerish and tracked down Rex Ryan and his wife on their vacation in the Bahamas. The key discovery: that Rex Ryan has a tattoo of his wife wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey on his bicep. Clearly this was the reason why he stuck with Sanchez for way, way too long. He didn’t want to change the jersey number on his tattoo. Or it could be because he didn’t have a clearly superior alternative at quarterback. Just kidding, it was definitely the tattoo.

On the coach’s right arm were two tats — one featuring a shamrock and the names of his wife and children, Payton and Seth; and one showing a sexy Michelle wearing a Sanchez uniform top and eying the viewer with bedroom eyes.

There’s not a Tim Tebow tat to be found.

Ryan cursed out a News reporter who approached the controversial coach.

“Oh, s—,” Ryan said, waving off the reporter and storming away with his wife.

Someone stop that coach! Tell him to get back here and explain his lack of Tim Tebow tattoos. Tom Rinaldi has two of them just on his dick.

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