Gronk Spikes A Gatorade Bottle; Now Gronk Cannot Be Friends With Peyton Manning

12.21.12 4 years ago • 20 Comments

Based on the highly scientific method of observing the dearth of people commuting at the subway stop up the street from me this morning, it appears that a lot of folks have already taken off for the holidays/apocalypse. That’s nice. I appreciate being given the green light on not trying very hard. It’s the nicest gift I could have received.

So here’s a cutesy video of Rob Gronkowski endorsing a sports drink called BodyArmor. That’s an appropriately meathead name for a thing that Gronk is shilling. Accordingly, spiking a bottle of Gatorade is an appropriately meatheaded way for Gronk to give his endorsement.

WARNING TO NFL PLAYERS: BodyArmor is 50 percent dissolved Adderall.

/gets sued by BodyArmor
//KSK front page spiked by Gronk

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