Gronk Tattoo Is A Lasting Memorial To Sadness

07.24.12 5 years ago 13 Comments

Michael Andresen, a police officer in Indianapolis who happens to be a Patriots fan, has amassed an impressive array of team tattoos. To that collection, he has added one of Gronk. That’s more than understandable. He’s one of the best players at his position, coming off perhaps the best season ever for a tight end. Even if you dislike the Patriots, it’s somewhat difficult to deny Gronk’s meatheaded superbro charm. Especially if you happen to be a drunk girl at a bar. Anyway, the odd part is that Andresen packaged his Gronk tat with the Super Bowl XLVI logo. It’s like, “Hey, remember that Super Bowl where Gronk played hurt and the game ended with Gronk unsuccessfully lunging for a Hail Mary as it hit the turf? Good times.”

All people deal with letdown differently. As we know, Gronk shirtless dances the pain away. All I’m saying is that’s probably not how I would choose to retain that memory. Then again, I don’t really “retain” memories. #Alcohol

[Via Busted Coverage]

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