Hall of Famer Paul Hornung hopes it “rains and snows like a bitch” at Super Bowl XLVIII

12.02.13 4 years ago 26 Comments

Packer and Notre Dame legend Paul Hornung was caught at LAX by TMZ and didn’t mince words when asked about if cold will be a factor in Super Bowl XLVIII responding, “I hope it rains and snows like a bitch.” Bravo, Hornung. You’ve given voice to what all us miscreants who love chaos are hoping happens at the Meadowlands in 62 days. Hornung went on to say that this experience will knock some sense into the league and return the game to Miami and New Orleans where it is warmer.

Speaking of Super Bowl XLVIII, the Star-Ledger reported today organizers expect to spend $70 million dollars on the event, making it the most expensive Super Bowl in history. Former American Express president Alfred Kelly Jr’s salary of $640,000 as host committee CEO tops the executive compensation list, followed by Mark Bingham, executive vice president of sales at $431,750. and Richard Petriccione committee’s senior vice president of philanthropy at $310,000. According information provided to the Star-Ledger from the tax-except organization, five other host committee members had salaries of at least $150,000 or above, plus the group has paid out an additional $525,609 in consulting fees and $331,363 in legal expenses.

Maybe rain and snow is too nice for the host committee. Maybe a nice rainstorm of flaming hot meteors would be more satisfying to fans watching at home.

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