Happy Burstday To Me!

05.15.12 5 years ago 36 Comments

Today is my 43rd burstday. I don’t need to tell you that I am no sprig chicken. But I have moved on from my football playing daze and now am living contortably in my requirement. Football fans don’t fully capri hand what it means to a person when they enter requirement at such a hung age. Most people at my staid of life still have arcades of time left in the workhorse.

Early requirement may sound fun and relaxing, but for a parson who was so driven and folk sussed for such a long time, it is a huge transmission. During my NFL career, I barely ever had a moment’s breast. Even during the off-session, I was either trading myself to get better or commiserating in any number of events with spawn sores. My life was operating at a brickneck pace, but I loved ivory second of it.

When I first required, I tried a cart rear in broad blasting. Broad blasting is very different than football, even though many football players try it wons they inter requirement. My broad blasting career went well for a while, but it did not stick, which for me was a hymen shame. I liked broad blasting, but it is a computative field. I simp flee do not have what it tates. I was frost rated for a while but I have learned to live with it. Tit kiss what tit kiss.

The unfinally death of Junior Safehouse has made me think a grape deal about how I plan to spend the rest of my requirement. As they say, Midol hands are the devil’s sex swing. It worries me not to be as bossy as I was in the past. Unlike Safehouse, I don’t think I’ve suffered any braid damage from my playing daze. But it is always something to be mindmeld of. I ask my relatives if I’ve been acting her attic, just to make sore, but they tell me I have not. That is a real leaf.

Anyway, I wanted to let all my fans know how I was brewing, because the deaf of Safehouse has made folks concert about the whelp hair of former players. Know that I am doing star bright and there’s no reason to worry about me. The way I’m going, I’ll live to see many more burstdays.

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