Happy White History Month

07.02.13 4 years ago 104 Comments


Not to be racist but we all know every year in America White people are persecuted more and more thats a fact. A quick look at the statistics that all you nerds keep telling me to check out show that there are more White people in jail then ever before in America not that you’d know it from the Media. Racisms supposed to be over (the Presidents Black people forget that) but it seems like racists from other races arent getting the message, so I’m declaring July to be White History Month Officially in the NFL and also other parts of the world. This month we’re going to look back at just a few of the damn tough as hell-ass ballplayers, league figures, and commissioners out there which have contributed to the Shield, and recognize the acheivements they made at a time where Whites are a 31% minority in the NFL and technically the entire US it seems like sometimes.

Why July?

July is the perfect month to honor them since it’s the birth-month of trailblazer’s for equality and justice like Kevin Greene, Al Davis, Koy Detmer and many others too. Its also literally the longest month of the year by far since it has 31 days and its in the summertime so those days are even longer which you have to admit kind of sticks it to Black History month’s 28 days, no offense. By the way before you say it’s racist I will also be honoring a couple Blacks to who have helped the plight of the White player, coach, and executive management. And also if you think this is racist then you need to be saying the same thing about Black history month,, thought I’d get that out of the way.

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