Hard Knocks Episode 4 Open Thread

08.27.13 4 years ago 77 Comments


In the last month, Andy Dalton has been in a national Pepsi commercial and now someone is wearing his jersey in one of those unsettling giant people DirecTV ads that are all over the place. Is Madison Avenue trying to make Andy Dalton happen? That can’t be right. On one hand, he’s fairly competent in non-crunch time situations and sings Christian music at his locker on “Hard Knocks”. Can he branded as a ginger-flavored Tebow Lite? On the other hand, I actually think Joe Flacco is less boring than Andy Dalton. Remember, Flacco got in trouble for riding a skateboard once. He’s RAD, you guys.

Anyway, “Hard Knocks” – it’s on! Let’s watch it.

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