Hard Knocks With The Miami Dolphins Episode 2 Live Blog

08.14.12 5 years ago 190 Comments

Quite an eventful week for the Dolphins. In true Miami fashion, almost all of it was negative, whether it be the knee surgery that David Garrard had to undergo that will put him out two to four weeks. Or that little incident with Chad Johnson, his wife, the condom receipt and the butting of heads that you might have heard about. Eveyln reportedly filed for divorce earlier today, putting the total duration of their marriage at 41 days. If a couple of crazy idiot reality stars who met over Twitter can’t make it, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Our man in Nuggetville, Peter King, has it on semi-good-ish authority that this episode will contain footage of Joe Philbin meeting with Chad Johnson and releasing him from the team. So if you thought the high point of the first episode was a boring guy calmly lecturing an insane person, you’re in for a treat tonight.

I didn’t bother watching any ESPN today because I’m all homicidal raged out after spending Monday with Peter King, but from what I’ve seen online, it was wall-to-wall Tebow birthday coverage. Sounds delightful. With all that attention being paid to Teebs, there’s no need to bother with things like accuracy or even correct spelling.


Ufford: “Ten Knee Hill sounds like a battlefield where Indians got slaughtered.”

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