Here Are The Mats That Injured Kevin Kolb

08.03.13 4 years ago 29 Comments


Kevin Kolb was destined to be replaced at quarterback by Bills first-round pick E.J. Manuel. At best, Kolb would be called upon to open the season with a few losses if Manuel were deemed unprepared at the end of the preseason. Well, now we won’t have to go through that messy affair, because Kolb slipped on these wet mats during practice Saturday and tweaked his knee. It might not be enough to sideline Kolb for an extended period, but it was enough to get Manuel even more snaps with the first-team offense going forward.

Hall of Fame Game weekend has been a tough one on Kolb the last two years. It was in last year’s game that Kolb left early with a rib injury. Other weekends that are tough on Kevin Kolb: all the others in which football is played.

In other news, Jets players are lining the floors of Mark Sanchez’s home with wet mats.

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