Highlights From The Second Episode Of Bengals ‘Hard Knocks’

08.14.13 4 years ago 18 Comments


The second episode of this season of “Hard Knocks” saw the Bengals practicing on a sandlot pockmarked with anthills and snake holes prior to their opening preseason game with the Falcons. Given that the practice went off without a significant injury, Mike Brown will surely feel emboldened to fire whatever remains of his ground crew.

There was also much talk about player girlfriends. Terence Newman chatted with Adam Jones about which athletes he thinks have the easiest time getting women, which prompted the above quote from Pacman. Beyond that, there was more Jon Gruden than expected. Don’t worry, Chucky didn’t make his way into a few of the highlights we’re sharing.

Rookie defensive tackle Terrence Stephens got up in front of the team and sang Luther Vandross. Quite well, I must say. Notable as it produced the only known smile from James Harrison, at least until he fulfills his lifelong quest of decapitating Roger Goodell and sticking his head on a pike.

Some players had a competition where they tried to hold their breath the longest underwater. Geno Atkins might be the best defensive tackle currently playing in the league, but he’s a hilariously awful swimmer.

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