The Honorable Sen. Clay Davis Breaks Down The Late Game

01.06.08 10 years ago 18 Comments

What I’m hoping is you’re not pissing the whole day away on some gat damn inconsequential game like the Titans and the Chargers when you should be prepping YOself for the season premiere of The Wire this evening.

I’m supposed to care about a mothafucking Marmalard? Some cornfed NC State white boy who like to cry for his momma when shit turn bad? An overcast day in southern fucking California?


If it’s anything like the first game, this shit should over in time for dinner at 6. That’s East Coast Time, mothafucker. East Balamore time.

That Shawne Merriman know a lil’ something ’bout Merlin. Never saw him no lockup at Jessup, though. That some real fucking Merlin, Shawne. Fuck what’cha heard in that Hollywood mess. It’s all about football and rape in this state. Bagging a few College Park dimes don’t count for shit come playoff time.

Vince Young might be a speedy little mothafucker but I’ve love to see him scramble away from a bullet.

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