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We actually have some football on this football podcast today.

Amanda Rykoff tells us about the Jay-Z/Eminem concert at Yankee Stadium and discusses the etiquette of live-tweeting TV shows with potential spoilers. Amanda writes at The OCD Chick and has over 43,000 tweets to her credit. We also ask Amanda, a graduate of NYU law school, about everyone going to law school these days and the historical context of Ines Sainz’s experience in the Jets locker room. I wish we could have had her on longer.

Old-timey NFL picks with Phil Raintree.

Dan Levy is a Philly guy, so we asked him about Michael Vick and his chances of usurping Kevin Kolb as the Eagles’ starting quarterback, presuming he has any. And aren’t there ramifications here for the NFL’s concussion policy? I asked him about his daily podcast, On The DL, and his new sports media site, Press Coverage. And then somehow we got into the long-term prospects of soccer in Philadelphia, but also America as a whole.

And if you don’t care about the show, well, at least you can look at some cheerleaders. Via.

Hosted by Josh Zerkle and Brandon Moskal, with Real Shakey, Amber Jones, Aaron Merrill and Phil Raintree. Recorded September 15, 2010. Runs 69 minutes. Listen here or on the embeddable player, download the ep here (right-click, “Save As…”) and subscribe to our podcast RSS feed and HOUSE OF PUNTE: The KSK Podcast on iTunes.

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