If Only Text Messaging Could Work, He’d Be Set

06.15.09 9 years ago 25 Comments

Reports surfaced today that a Vikings trainer visited the Brittfar feudal land barony on Sunday to suggest to his lordship a regimen of exercises for his recently operated upon shoulder, so that the quarterback may be fine enough physical condition to torpedo the Vikes season by Week 1.

Sometimes we feel like we maybe have maybe a tad too much Favre antipathy on this site. So, concerned that a trainer from a team already fraught with inept quarterback play would only make things worse, we have some other suggestions to get that gun in slinging shape.

  • Carrying chip on shoulder because deep down he knows Ted Thompson is right.
  • Overhand cock thrust
  • Self back pats
  • Pick up and release 224 pounds of dead weight (aka Sage Rosenfels)
  • Bud Ice-ometrics
  • Tilling the land
  • Girly passing drill with Chris Cooley

  • Fishing line cast (into pool of reporters)
  • Madden cum churn
  • Vicodin lifts
  • 10 Iroquois Twists. One hi-yi-yi… two hi-yi-yi….
  • One-armed tug-a-war with a pair of Wranglers against a good strong hound.
  • Surely you can think of some more. And not only hoisting a gun to discharge into his head.

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