If T.O. is Uh Distraction, The Jints Are Uh Lock to Win, AM I RIGHT?

12.14.08 9 years ago 23 Comments

Courtesy Deadspin Weekend (click it or Maj will throw a Redskins-losing-to-the-Bengals-sized fit) is Cowboy Chris “getting in the head” of Ed Werder for the ESPN reporter’s habit of spreading lying lies that aren’t true about Dallas. Shouldn’t Mort really be the target of that sort of heckling? One day Cowboy Chris will track down the Dallas Deep Throat in an Arlington parking garage (Texas instead of Virginia this time, I guess) and get the answers he wants.

Just as the Giants were poised to be the team in the NFC East to collapse down the stretch thanks to an asinine controversy, the wheels are coming off the ‘Boys bandwagon by virtue of the usual assortment of T.O. backbiting and ineffectual coaching. Not quite as hilarious on its face as Plaxico shooting himself in the leg, but it has a heart-warming familiarity to it, like a chestnut of a holiday song.

But no, say Cowboy fans! It’s all an ESPN-manufactured controversy!

T.O. would never throw one of his own under the bus! Just like Peyton Manning would never cast all the blame on his linemen when the Colts lose. Careful, though, Dallas fans. Here’s what happens when reporters fight back.

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