It’s My Turn To Be Molested By Lee Evans

09.02.09 8 years ago 25 Comments

Should I make it out to “Sucker?”

We’ve been over this before: Lee Evans is fantasy football AIDS. Lee Evans is like a $100-dollar bill from a country that doesn’t even exist anymore. He’s a mirage. For Lee Evans’ projected totals for 2009, every fantasy magazine should simply read, “Seriously?” There’s no redeeming value to his production whatsoever.

And so I took him in the third round.

The much-heralded KSK Keeper League has produced two champions and one engagement in its brief existence, but it also has produced an assortment of chicanery, stupidity, and inappropriate remarks about other fantasy owners’ mothers. So it seems only fair to show you how the fantasy sausage is made. Some of you won’t care about this at all. You’re excused. The rest of you can tag along in the following liveblog, set to start at 7. You can see the board of selections and participants here. But yeah, it’s other people’s fantasy football.

We’ll keep the porchlight on through Hard Knocks if the draft spills over, but in the interim, enjoy, if that’s possible.

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