“It’s not all lollipops and chocolates and fun times,” Tony Romo wistfully laments

10.09.09 8 years ago 26 Comments


Much to the consternation of their fiery Latino fan-base, the Dallas Cowboys have seen disparate results in their four games this season. Before practice yesterday, quarterback Tony Romo admitted that what many see as a dream job can be vexing at times:

“[T]he quarterback and coach get a lot of the blame and a lot of the credit — whether that is right or wrong. I love to talk to Troy [Aikman] and some of the other guys just to … try and improve and to help yourself,” said Romo. “The neat thing when I talk to them is, they didn’t all have — it wasn’t all lollipops and chocolates and fun times along the way. It was a lot of hard work and effort and people beating you down. You have to have a stronger belief in yourself than the disbelief of others.”

The good news for Romo and the Cowboys is that they play the Chiefs this weekend–so everything should be gummy bears and unicorns and glitter for Romo this weekend. But beware: looming ahead is a visit to the Molasses Swamp (a/k/a Philadelphia).


But why stop at just one gratuitous Simpsons’ reference?

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