It’s Weed Day on KSK so let’s talk about Josh Gordon playing in the CFL

08.28.14 3 years ago 9 Comments

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Pot day continues at KSK as rumors that Josh Gordon wants to play in the CFL during his NFL suspension popped up this morning around the internet. Of course everyone’s first thought is, “Hey, Gordon can’t go play in the CFL, there are rules about suspended NFL players going to the CFL. Something about Ricky Williams and part of the NAFTA protections and Bill Clinton not inhaling.”

This is true, but what if we lived in a world that was so turned around on pot and a player so upset with his punishment he begged for his own release to go play elsewhere? And what if there was already a team, say the Calgary Stampeders, who have already said they want him to play for them? Is it so wrong to find employment elsewhere? The Colts cut LaVon Brazill (laughably shortly after Jim Irsay’s arrest) and now he’s up in Canada playing ball, why shouldn’t Gordon get the same chance to earn a living? How is it not collusion to blackball one player between two different leagues?

Before training camp was in full-swing I wrote this little exchange in a Klearinghouse post:

“Will you cut him?”
“No, he’s going to be banned.”
“Banned for how long?”
“We don’t know yet. But he’s coming to camp.”
“Depends on if he’s banned.”
“So you’ll cut him?”

More than a month later and it feels like we’re in the same place. Josh Gordon being screwed out of having a job.

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