It’s Your Friday Crazy Football Fan Movie Hour

11.07.14 3 years ago 25 Comments

This mini-documentary about Mike Pantazis, the ponytailed Chicago Bears fan who briefly captured the imagination of the nation by leaping out of the stands during a 1995 Monday Night Football game to snag an extra point while also miraculously avoiding injury, was made in 2011, but it’s new to us. It’s amusing and worth your time, though only if you have a high tolerance for people who derive a little too much personal pride from a dumb thing they did nearly two decades ago. At the time of filming, Pantazis still believed at the age of 44 that he could play in the NFL, so really it’s understandable in retrospect how he thought jumping for that ball made a lot of sense. And there’s now way he still doesn’t think that three years later.

[via Tyler Mass, who wrote about the doc over at Milwaukee Record]

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