Jason “Pink”-ston Inadvertently Saving Breasts – The Annual NFL Pinkwashing Begins

08.19.13 4 years ago 12 Comments

Jason Pinkston

We’re still a month away from the NFL’s annual pinkwashing, but that doesn’t stop the NFL Shop from having 1225 items listed in the Breast Cancer Awareness section of the league’s official online store.

Are there really 1225 items helping to raise money for the league’s “A Crucial Catch” campaign? Well, no. The second item listed when you click on the pink BCA Products link is a Jason Pinkston Cleveland Browns jersey which only seems related to the campaign in so much as the word “pink” is in his name. Scroll down just a little further and you’ll find endless children’s gear, hats, woman’s spirit jerseys and yoga mats that just happen to be pink. (We should take a minute to admire the terrible copy that accompanies the yoga mats. “Yoga may not be your thing, but if the Raiders aren’t too cool to stamp their logos on some seriously durable yoga equipment, then maybe it’s worth another shot. This fancy pink mat…”  That’s right. You may find yoga too hippie granola, but if it’s good enough for the Raiders to license their name to be used on a piece of foam, you should suck it up and finally go to a second class. If they could, they’d stamp their logo on some incense for your third class if it meant you finally got off the couch.)

Back to Pinkston. Nowhere on the page selling replica Pinkston jerseys does it say it has anything to do with the league’s BCA campaign other than the URL in the browser. It’s bad enough there are questions about how much the NFL uses “A Crucial Catch” more as a public relations and community feel-good opportunity than an actual fundraiser, but it seems rather lazy — if not a bit contemptible — to just list everything the league sells in the color pink as a part of their BCA drive when the sales of those items have no financial benefit to the campaign.

Surprisingly, no signs of clear stadium bag with a pink ribbon over the NFL shield on them. Yet.

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