Jeff Fisher wasn’t always against taunting in the NFL

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The NFL is having its owners meet down in Florida this week- it’s like the Bilderberg summits except instead of collapsing world governments its just a elaborate annual trick to convince the Jaguars to draft a QB 3 rounds too early. (Logan THomas Im looking in youre direction.) Well today St. Loses head coach Jeff Fisher spoke out about propsed rules changes, and more specifically about taunting (pretty ironic that a guy who employed COURTland Fined-Again, Payvon Austin, and that other flashy fella with the jewelry gets to talk about sportsmanship.)

“We agreed that we have an issue on the field and we agreed that we are going get it under control as soon as we can possibly can,” Fisher said. “Our taunting numbers increased from nine and 12 to 34 last year, and we’re going to effect change immediately and that change will be effected as early as the OTAs when the players come back.

“We’ve got to change our conduct on the field. We’ve got to bring the element of respect to its highest level back to our game… The in-your-face taunting. The language. It’s all in the book. It’s all under unsportsmanlike conduct. There’s no change in our rule. We’re going to enforce the current rule.”

If I wanted to watch grown men dance around like sissys and cuss each other out Id go to a NBA game. Unlike the NBA, where the 5-on-5 game mights well put a diva spotlight on the stars, the NFL was desinged so that the fan woudnt be able to hear all the bad words on the field because there were 22 of em saying them at the same time.

Remember Fisher wasnt always so concerned about taunting. Heres what he had to say after pulling the most taunting stunt of all time when Lendale White and Keith Bullock stomped out the terrible towel:

“I mean, I know we weren’t happy to have 10,000 people in our stadium waving those yellow towels. It’s a tremendous commentary on the great fan base the Steelers have, but I’m sure our guys didn’t like it. They’re a good football team. They have our respect, and I’m sure we have their respect. But this isn’t a big deal to me.”

This also marked the firsttime that Lendale White used a towel for something besides a bib, but thats besides the matter. Fisher has shown more blatant hypocrasy then a female football fake-fan who doesnt know the diffrence between a cover 2 and her bikini.

I was happy as a clam, and then mad as a crab at Fish this morning (seafood),. He came out acting all tough saying that the NFL needs to simply “enforce the rules they have” rather then legislate. You know who else wore a mustache and was just “following orders?” I’m not going to say who it was, but he wore a little red armband and ran up the score against France.

You need to legislate if your looking to see any real hope and change- not just do executive order’s to enfroce existing rules- for examples of why that doesnt work you can look at the fella what’s in the White House trying to take away my right to own a gun that I would have if I was legally allowed to anymore.

They’ve made rules in the right direction this year, taking power away from Jeff Tripplette and establishing a 1-900 number directly to the league office to provide them with hot replay analysis when the main refs having “performence issues”. This is a great idea, but having a NFL ref judge on what is and isnt taunting is like having J’amis Winston vote for the Nobel prize. They need a specalist to determine whose violating protocall, so I vote the NFL install a direct line to a apartment shared by Barry Sanders and Mike Ditka to determine what the appropraite response to a possible taunt might be. Ditka would be clearly the head official for the national televised contests, and Barry would spell him when for the 1 PM games when Ditka is at supper.

Under Ditka the following Football moves would be banned:

Diving into the end-zone unessecarily, obsence gestures like winking at a gritty players girlfriend or singing a jazz song, using the football as a prop which includes spikeing, dunking, tossing the ball to the ref just a bit to hard, throwing it in to the air almost like your trying to make it rain, and violating a 5-second clock that starts once a touchdown is scored before you have to hand the ball back to the ref and remember a fast-fact about his family like where his son wants to go to college or that his wife put on all that wieght.

Its just common sense, people.

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