Jets coaching search takes an embarrassing turn

12.28.14 3 years ago 12 Comments

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By all accounts, Rex Ryan is on his way out of New York come the end of today’s game. In fact, he’s already cleaned out his office in preparation for the firing to come. So that won’t be a surprise. End of an era, for sure, but not a surprise. What probably was a surprise was when Rex’s agent received a call from the Jets about another candidate.

Well, that’s awkward. But what’s more fun is that Rex’s agent is coaching agent wizard Jimmy Sexton and that’s surely going to lead to rumors spreading like wildfire across college football message boards. The frenzy begins now!

Of course, Sexton represents so many coaches that he’d get a call from the Jets eventually, but have a heart, guys, let Rex coach one last game of futility for old time’s sake before you officially run him out the door.

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