Jets-Patriots TNF Live Blog, Second Half

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It takes the Patriots not even a minute and a half to get the game’s opening touchdown. The Jets exhibit poor tackling on a first down catch and run by Brandon LaFell. They top it in coverage by failing to cover Shane Vereen deep, who gets a wide open 49-yard touchdown. Vereen did Stevan Ridley’s touchdown celebration in a tribute to his injured teammate.

The Jets actually responded with a scoring drive. As easy as the Pats made it look to get points, New York made every first down seem like an epic struggle. They had Michael Vick in at slot receiver as a decoy one play. A nice Chris Ivory run on a 3rd and 1 gets them in field goal range. Once inside the red zone, Geno Smith appeared to hit Jeremy Kerley on a touchdown but the play was negated by a holding call so obvious that players started going half speed halfway through the play. New York ends up settling for a field goal.

New York began showing shocking competence. They got a stop on defense then another respectable drive on offense. A 24-yard completion to Eric Decker helps set up a 47-yard Nick Folk field goal.

After another quick stop, the Jets added a 46-yard field to – gasp! – take the lead 9-7 midway through the second quarter. Only seven more field goals until the game is over! The New England run defense looks to be suffering from the loss of Jerod Mayo as the Jets surpassed 100 yards rushing just before half.

Unfortunately, the Patriots offense woke back up and charged down the field in a 10-play, 80-yard drive that resulted in a second Shane Vereen touchdown reception to give the Pats a 14-9 lead.

Thanks to a long kick return, New York has another scoring opportunity and what do you know, they settled for another field goal. I mean, bets the usual turnovers, but putting them in for long-term disappointment if this keeps up.

The Pats used a timeout at the end of the Jets last field goal drive to give them a minute to work with. They used it to get back into the red zone. A scuffle erupted when the Jets pushed Brady to the ground just after he released the ball then one of the New England lineman retaliated, drawing a personal foul penalty. The Pats tried out the field goal thing themselves to make it 17-12 at half.

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