Jets-Patriots TNF Live Blog

10.16.14 3 years ago 713 Comments


New York Daily News

If you haven’t had the chance yet, go watch Old James’ hype video for this game. It’s certainly better than the one the Jets made where they misspell rivalry. I can assure you it will be more enjoyable than anything that happens after kickoff.

If the prospect of being blown out by their rivals in a nationally televised game isn’t crushing enough, the New York Daily News today has a report indicating that one Jets scout was really high on Tom Brady late in the 2000 Draft and demanded that then-general manager Bill Parcells select Dreamboat with the Jets pick in the sixth round, 20 picks before the Patriots took him, even though the team had already taken Chad Pennington, noodle-armed subject of much Namath-Kolber discussion, in the first round of that draft. Of course, one scout having a dissenting opinion doesn’t mean the team was actually close to taking Brady, but whatever helps the Daily News sell papers. Either way, the Jets probably would found a way to mess it up even had they taken Brady.

It’s the first time Darrelle Revis gets to take on the Jets as a member of the Patriots. He already played against them as a member of the Buccaneers, but nobody cared about his time in Tampa, so this will be the real return game. Revis teased the idea of lining up at receiver this week against the Jets and having him score an offensive touchdown against his old team would be sufficiently spiteful for Bill Belichick to try it.

At this point, few believe Rex Ryan can save salvage this season and keep his job. While he was certainly dealt a poor hand, it can’t be said that none of the problems with this team are on him. It’d be nice to see the Jets under Rex pull one last upset over the Patriots in Foxboro, however unlikely that may be.

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